Ahmad Firdaus Sukmono, Huala Adolf, Hayyan Ul Haq and Hirsanuddin
Ahmad Firdaus Sukmono, SE, SH, MH, has economy and law background of study. He's been serving Indonesian foreign ministry since 90s; Trade Attache Assistan of European Community in Brussel, Belgium (1994-1995), Head of Indonesia Trading Promotion Center in Johannesburg, South Africa (2003-2007, Board of Directur Internatinal Rubber Consortium Limited for Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand in Bangkok (2013-2014), Vice President of Indonesia Anti Dumping Committe (2017-now). Currently, he is the president of Islam Al Azhar University in Mataram, Indonesia since 2014.

Prof. Huala Adolf, SH, LL.M, PhD, FCBArB works as international law professor in Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia. He graduated from Sheffield University and National University of Singapore. He is now the Head of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Center in Padjadjaran University and also a Arbitrator and Fellow (FCBArb) in Arbitration Center of Indonesian National Arbitration Center (BANI). He has produced books focused on arbitration, international trading law, dan general international law.

Hayyan Ul Haq, SH, LL.M, PhD, is a senior lecturer and also researcher in Faculty of Law of Mataram University, Indonesia. He also works for Centruum voor Intellectueel Eigendomsrecht (CIER) and Faculty of Law of Utrecht University, Netherland. Currently, he is the Coordinator and Advisor of the Utrecht Partnership Program with Indonesia universities and Managing Partner and Advisor for the Foundation of Universal and European Legal Cooperation, Netherlands.

Hirsanuddin, SH, M.Hum, works as senior lecturer in Faculty of Law, Mataram University, Indonesia. He teaches bussines law, banking law, sharia economic law, investment law, and basic law science. Currently, he is the vice president of Postgraduate School of Mataram University, Indonesia.
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Journal of Liberty and International Affairs | Vol. 4, No. 2 | November 2018
Ahmad Firdaus Sukmono, Huala Adolf, Hayyan Ul Haq and Hirsanuddin
This paper elaborated clauses of corporate social responsibility as government policy and its implication to the international investment agreement. It is also explore the main sets of ideas and the theoretical framework that form the basis of CSR as introduced in article 15 of Investment Law. The analysis exposes the role of social responsibility and environment management as an obligation in protecting the interest of the states; investors; peoples and comparing it with the Prohibition of Performance Requirement (PPR) as mostly introduced in international investment agreement, particularly in investment chapter under FTA.
investment; agreement; CSR

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