Dogacahan Dagi
Dogacahan Dagi is a graduate student specializing on global governance at Bremen University's International Graduate School of Social Sciences. His primary areas of research are human rights and humanitarian politics, European governance of migration, refugees in international politics and liberal political theory. He has published research papers in journals including, International Journal of Social Sciences and Journal of Liberty and International Affairs.
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Journal of Liberty and International Affairs | Vol. 3, No. 3 | February 2018
Dogacahan Dagi
The refugee crisis of 2015-2016 revealed the strength of the idea of "national sovereignty" within Member States of the European Union indicating that not only supra-nationalism is still a nascent thinking in the Union but also inter-govermentalism readily transforms into a "self-help" mechanism to opt out from "common European" destiny in times of crisis. As such it seems that the recent refugee crisis has awakened nationalistic populism in Europe with disintegrative impact on the Union. Despite the controversial EU-Turkey joint action plan of March 2016 that effectively served to reduce the number of refugees crossing into the EU area the intergovernmental and supranational division on how to reconcile national concerns with that of the EU rules and regulations as well as humanitarian responsibility still persist.
European Union, refugee crisis, nationalism, populism, EU-Turkey refugee deal

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