Katerina Kocevska and Bekim Nuhija
Katerina Kocevska is born in 1986; Graduated Law from South East European University of Republic of Macedonia. From 2009-2012, worked as teaching assistant at University American College Skopje. 2012- Master's degree in International Relations &Diplomacy. Main field of interest: International Contract Law, Law on concessions and public private partnerships. Since 2012- Head of Department for legal and normative affairs in Naftovod Skopje. Author of several publications, including: The legal status of recognized refugees in Republic of Macedonia (2017); Rule of law, condition for economic development (2015), Groupthink in International decision making, case studies: Bay of pigs and Cuban missile crisis (2012), etc. Katerina Kocevska is PhD candidate in International Law.

Bekim Nuhija, PhD is born in 1976; Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of SEE- University. Courses: Public International Law, European Union Law, Comparative Law etc. Graduated from University of Maastricht, major in International Law; Certified in International Law; Knowledge of National Law, Experience and knowledge of the legislative procedure in the Parliament of Macedonia and its legislative process, Experience in institutional building of NGOs etc.; Experience in Human Resource Management in the Public and NGO sector with emphasis on employee handbook creation and Conflict and Dispute Resolution; Member of the Executive Board at SEEU International Law Centre (2004-2006); Coordination and evaluation of the work of ICS offices (2000-2002)
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Journal of Liberty and International Affairs | Vol. 3, No. 2 | September 2017
Katerina Kocevska and Bekim Nuhija
Concession as a precondition for relatively reserved right, gives the foreigners almost equal rights as domestic citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. Our goal is to address the legal aspects and the procedure of giving the right to concession. This paper is mainly qualitative research of desk work on International private Law, Law on public procurements, Law on concessions and public private partnership in the Republic of Macedonia along with a case study on Concession on power plants in the Republic of Macedonia. Renewable energies are the future, which is why law researchers and law makers need to contribute in making of better laws that adapt to upcoming events in the energy field.
concession, public procurement, Republic of Macedonia, foreigners, small hydroelectric plants

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