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Is abortion a fundamental right? While some argue that it is other argue that it is not. From Article 3 “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” (UN General Assembly 1948) by the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is given the freedom of choice therefore women themselves should be able to make this decision. Today in around 1/3 of all the countries in the world abortion is legal and upon request, 2/3 is legal if it is based on socioeconomic grounds or to preserve health, and 1/3 it is only legal when the women’s life is in danger or prohibited altogether. In Eastern Europe the only country that has not have legalized abortion based upon request is Poland. Today in Poland abortion is only legal if there is fetal impairment, incest or rape. This year in October the ruling right-wing party PiS (Law and Justice) proposed ban of abortion under any circumstances this resulted to massive protests across Poland where hundreds of thousands of women dressed in black took over the streets expressing their anger for this bill. The protests were a success. Just a couple of days after the bill was proposed, PiS members themselves threw out the legislation, and after couple more days the Parliament threw out the legislation fully. Although the proposition was by a group of citizens, PiS was the one who carried out the proposal. To understand better the whole issue of abortion, we have to take a look back to 1989 when socialism fell.


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Teona Mango, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Teona Mango is born in Bitola, Macedonia in 1998. Currently is a student at Queen Mary University of London, studying in the School of Politics and International Relations, class of 2019. During the period of high school which she spent in SOU Josip Broz Tito- Bitola (2012-2016) was Student Ombudsman, participant of 'Youth in Action' projects in Sion and Arry in France in 2014, president of the Leo Alpha Club Bitola (Lions Club International) 2014-15, member of the debate club in her high school and team leader at 'Pioneer 6' Macedonian Volunteers 2013. Was selected from Yale Young Global Scholars in 2015 receiving full scholarship to attend this prestigious summer program for future leaders from all over the world. Founder of Teona's Wanderlust blog, chosen among the 50 most influential blog in Europe by The Basetrip. Cofounder of Teens for World Unity Blog. Has many past internships, work and volunteering experience and has received many awards and certificates in the field of photography, snowboarding and horse riding. Which are all hobbies in her spare time.

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