The authors are strongly encouraged to read the peer-review process section and the Article Guidelines (see bellow) carefully before preparing an article for submission, and also to check the article for conformance before submitting it for publication.

 Full Article Guidelines:             Short Article Guidelines:                  Article Template:                    Declaration of Originality:


  • Articles may come from any country but must be written in English.
  • Only by exception, articles in the Macedonian, German or French language will be accepted, while the abstracts have to be in English.
  • Articles are considered on the basis of scientific validity and technical quality, not perceived impact.
  • The journal editors reserve the right to return to authors, without peer-review, improperly formatted articles.
  • Authors are discouraged from using figures. (If there is sufficient cause to include figures, authors must submit original electronic copies in PNG, TIF, or high-resolution JPG format). If tables are included, they must be created in Word, not Excel.
  • The journal editors do not insist on a particular variant of English language for the articles, but the grammar must be at a publishable level upon receipt. If the article is not written in the author’s mother tongue, the authors are encouraged to enlist the help of a native speaker, or a professional proofreader before submitting the article.
  • The published articles are hierarchically numbered. They are published under the liberal CC Attribution License (CC-BY 3.0). The author holds the copyright and retains publishing rights without restrictions.
  • One author cannot send more than two articles (first author of one article, and co-author of another one). The author declares that any person named as co-author of the article is aware of the fact and has agreed to being so named.
  • The article text should not include any information that identifies the authors, or any other collaborators in the work. The managing editor will remove personal details from the articles, prior to their sending to reviewers.
  • Each author needs to submit a short biography (max. 150 words). If the authors submit their articles via Email (, the short biography should be submitted in a separate file.
  • The articles should be submitted in a Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).
  • The journal uses the plagiarism screening tool PlagScan.
  • Consent from the authors affirming that the article is their original work should accompany the article submission via online submission form. If the authors submit their articles via Email (, they should attach signed and scanned JLIA Declaration of originality.

Submission Preparation Checklist
Before submitting the article, author(s) should check the following list:

  • Article has been made in the light of journal’s author guidelines.
  • The article has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration.
  • The article file is in Microsoft Word file, or is sent via online submission form.
  • Author(s) did not mention his or her name and affiliation in the main text.
  • Author(s) has read all the terms and conditions of the journal.
  • Corresponding author has prepared for submission JLIA Declaration of originality.
  • Author(s) is/are aware of the publication fee of the journal.

NOTE: Don’t submit your article if you are not confident about the quality. JLIA follows double-blind peer-review policy strictly.

All authors before submitting an article via online submission form have to be registered. The submission form will be accessible immediately after the registration and logging on with your username (Email) and password. Registrations are open and activated automatically. If you decide to submit your article via Email, you should send it to:




Article title: Times New Roman; 14 pt; bold; alignment centered; single-line spacing; All Caps (max. 100 characters with spaces).

Author name and title: Times New Roman; bold; 14 pt; single-line spacing; alignment centered.

Affiliation and E-mail address: Times New Roman; italic; 12 pt; single-line spacing; alignment centered.

Abstract and keywords: Between 100 and 150 words (5-7 keywords); Times New Roman; 12 pt; single-line spacing; justify.

Article text: Times New Roman; 12 pt; justify; 1.5 line spacing; margins: Top: 2,5 cm; Bottom: 2,5 cm; Left: 3 cm; Right: 3 cm. The scope of submitted text should not exceed more than 30.000 characters (with spaces) including references. Text should be written in neuter gender, concisely and in correct orthography. Latin phrases should be set in italics.

Quotations: If they are brief (3 lines or fewer), quotations should be run on with the text. Longer quotations should be indented, without quotation marks. All indented quotations should be typed single-spaced.

Citation style: The author should follow Chicago Style (author-date system) for referencing, for example: (Dahl 1989, 45); (Geddes 1999, 134-43); (Linz 1975). All references should be given in full at first mention. Subsequent citations can be abbreviated. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum.

Headings and subheadings: Times New Roman; 12 pt; bold.

Table: Times New Roman; bold; size 10; align heading left; single line spacing. Tables must be created in Word, not Excel. Table heading is situated above the table.

Figures: Times New Roman; bold; size 10; alignment centered; single line spacing. The authors must submit original electronic copies of the figures applied in the article in TIFF, JPG or PNG format. Figure heading is situated under the figure. Consider to align tables and figures at the centre.

Dates: Dates should be given in the form: 30 December 2013.




The journal publisher expects the authors, editors and reviewers to respect the principles of academic ethics.

*If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact JLIA Editorial Board:


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